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Professor Men Honghua wins the first prize of Tongji Excellent Textbook Award

In December 2020, in accordance with The Notice on Awarding Excellent Textbooks of Tongji University in 2020, 11 textbooks were awarded the first prize of excellent textbooks for undergraduates, 18 the second prize, and 30 the third prize, through application by teachers, selection and recommendation in the school, and review by the expert group.

In this selection, China’s International Strategy (second edition) compiled by Prof. Men Honghua from our school won the first prize of Award for Excellent Textbooks of Undergraduates.

About the Author

 Men Honghua is a Distinguished Professor at Tongji University, Dean of the School of Political Science & International Relations and President of the Institute for China & World Studies, Tongji University, and Director of Tongji Base for Research on International Governance of Cyberspace under the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) & the Ministry of Education (MOE). He holds numerous titles including a leader talent in Philosophy and Social Sciences in the national “Ten Thousand Talents Program” and a cultural figure & talent in the “Four Talent Programs” by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, a chief expert under the Central Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project, and an expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council. Professor Men is engaged in the research of international relations theory, grand strategy theory, comparison of major countries' strategies, the history of Chinese strategic thought, and studies of soft power theory and practice. So far, he has presided over more than 30 key projects for the major subjects of philosophy and social sciences of MOE (including the Central Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project). His publications include 15 Chinese and English monographs such as China’s Grand Strategy - A Framework Analysis, 16 translated books including Power and Interdependence, and 52 edited or co-authored books including China Changes the World. Also, he has published more than 160 academic papers on journals such as Social Sciences in China (SSIC). He has won many honors and awards, including the first prize of Scientific Research Excellence Award and the first prize of Teaching Excellence Award of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, “Outstanding Teacher with Professional Ethics” and the first prize of Tongji Talent Cultivation Award, the first prize of Shanghai Award for Outstanding Achievement in Philosophy and Social Science, the second and third prizes of MOE Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scientific Research (Humanities and Social Sciences) of Higher Education Institutions. 

About the Book

This book is a specialized textbook on China’s international strategy. Its first edition was published by Tsinghua University Press in 2009. After a brief introduction to the basic methodology of International Strategy, a discipline that is closely related to practice, the author discusses the topics of the book one by one. First of all, the author compares the international strategic resources between China and the other five major powers in the world; on the basis of clarifying the conditions for strategy implementation, the author then explores the principle for building China’s national strategic system; under the guidance of this principle, the author divides China’s international strategy into two parts: global and regional. The former focuses on China-US relations, the current international order, and a new type of international relations, while the latter mainly discusses the international situation in Northeast Asia, with a focus on China-Japan relations, to analyze the issues on building an international order in Northeast Asia.