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Dean Men Honghua wins the first prize of the 2020 Tongji Talent Cultivation Award

In October 2020, after the organization by the Undergraduate School of Tongji University, the selection and recommendation by all the schools of Tongji, and the review by the scholarship & fellowship jury, there were 5 special prize winners, 10 first prize winners, and 45 second prize winners of the Tongji Talent Cultivation Award. In this selection, Tongji Distinguished Professor Men Honghua, President of the Institute for China & World Studies,Dean of the School of Political Science & International Relations, and Director of Tongji Base for Research on International Cyberspace Governance, was one of the first prize winners.

In October 2013, Tongji University set up a dedicated fellowship program to award faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to talent training and educational reform of the university, as a further incentive for the faculty towards teaching excellence. In accordance with the latest assessment methods, the applicants and winners must be loyal to the Party’s educational cause, be dedicated to work, have teacher’s ethics, have meticulous scholarship, and be devoted to teaching, and shall make outstanding contributions in terms of teaching practice, social services, daily work, teaching reform, and thesis supervision, etc.