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Memorandum of Understanding  between  Tongji University  and  Qinghai Huangchuan Senior High School

Party A: Tongji University

Party B: Qinghai Huangchuan Senior High School

In order to strengthen the cooperation, both Parties have reached the following agreement through friendly negotiation:

I. Whereas

  1. Party A is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the People’s Republic of China, and jointly established by the MOE with the State Oceanic Administration and Shanghai Municipality; Party A is a vice-ministerial institution of higher learning directly managed by the central government, a member of China’s “world-class university” initiative, a member university of the “Project 211” and “Project 985”, and a cradle of excellent talents.

  2. Party B is a full-time provincial-level standardized boarding senior high school located in Haihu New District, Xining City, Qinghai Province, and a key high school in Qinghai Province. Party B’s candidates have accounted for about half of Party A’s total undergraduate admissions in Qinghai for many years.

II. Areas of Cooperation

Both Parties agree to give play to their respective advantages to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the following areas:

  1. Create a summer camp. Party B invites well-known professors from Party A to give free lectures every summer. Details about the candidate and schedule shall be determined and implemented by the School of Political Science & International Relations of Party A through consultation with Party B.

  2. Each year, excellent teachers of Party B are invited to visit Party A for investigation and exchange. The School of Political Science & International Relations of Party A is responsible for inviting the above teachers of Party B and arranging the itinerary during their stay at Party A.

  3. Innovate and improve the “Source of High-Quality Students for Tongji University” at Huangchuan Senior High School. To strengthen cooperation and exchanges, it is agreed that Party A shall carry out campus talks in Party B each semester to jointly explore a long-term mechanism for exploring high-quality students.

  4. Promote the establishment of a strategic partnership between Huangchuan Senior High School and the Secondary School Affiliated to Tongji University (the Affiliated School). Party A is responsible for liaising with the Affiliated School to promote the cooperation and exchange projects in various forms between the Affiliated School and Party B.

III. Miscellaneous

  1. This memorandum is executed in quadruplicate, with each Party holding two counterparts.

  2. This memorandum is effective from the date of signing and sealing by both parties, and shall be valid for three (3) years.

  3. Matters not covered herein shall be settled by both Parties through friendly communication and negotiation.