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Team SPSIR wins the championship at the 1st National (Jinan) International Politics Undergraduate Forum

 On December 14, 2019, with the support of the University leadership and Dean Prof. Men Honghua and other leaders of the School of Political Science & International Relation (SPSIR), the “Tong Xin Ji Shi” (meaning contributing to the society and world with one heart) team comprised of Wu Fan, Liu Siqi, Deng Jiayi and Sun Shiyuan, guided and led by Associate Professor Dai Weilai of the Department of Diplomacy of our school, won the first prize in the group award and 4 individual awards at the 1st National (Jinan) International Politics Undergraduate Forum. In the individual category, Wu Fan won the first prize, Liu Siqi won the second prize, and Deng Jiayi and Sun Shiyuan won the third prize, delivering an exceptional performance.

 The 1st National (Jinan) International Politics Undergraduate Forum was hosted by the MOE Teaching Steering Committee for Political Science in Universities and Colleges, and organized by the School of International Studies/Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies in Jinan University. Out of 27 candidates, there were a total of 13 finalists representing China Foreign Affairs University, University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tongji University, Jinan University, Zhejiang University, and other universities. The theme of this forum is “International Comparison of Consular Protection”. Jinan University has carefully organized the 6 sections of the competition, including essay writing, shared vision, world coffee, teamwork, open space, and town hall meeting. The 13 teams discussed a number of topics such as the evolution and development of consular protection, government responsibilities and boundaries, the roles and functions of non-state actors, comparison of international experience, the risks and challenges to consular protection, and China’s practices of consular protection. In the form of leaderless group discussion & group presentation, the forum fully stimulated the enthusiasm and imagination of the contestants who spoke out freely to offer advice and suggestions. After nearly 14 hours of fierce competition in 6 sections, the team of our school finally stood out and won the championship through expert scoring and team member scoring. In particular, the essay writing of our team got the highest score, laying a solid foundation for the final championship.

 Once formed, the team began to make full preparations for every section in the formal competition including essay writing. In the meantime, Dean Men Honghua, Secretary Xu Hong, and teachers Wang Chuanxing and Su Ping of the Department of Diplomacy offered many valuable opinions and suggestions. The excellent results have fully demonstrated the school’s efforts to foster undergraduate students’ comprehensive qualities and abilities. 

 Congratulations once again to our team on their outstanding results. Look forward to more achievements made by the students of our school!